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Not able to stop alfresco 5.1 instances

Question asked by hiten.rastogi on Feb 20, 2017
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Recently I am facing an issue while stopping my alfresco 5.1 instances. I have two instances of alfresco 5.1 running on my server with different ports. Now when I try to stop the instance through sudo ./ stop command the script returns that there is no instance running but when I grep for the instance I can see the instance running. I delved into the script and found out that it was calling <ALFRESCO_HOME>/tomcat/scripts/ script which was using file to get the PID I checked the PID stored in the file and found out that the PID didn't matched the PID on which the instance was running on. For e.g.


PID in                              ==>> 2548

PID via grep(ps -ef | grep alfresco)    ==>> 22959


Please let me know if any one has faced this issue and a possible remedy.



Hiten Rastogi