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Injecting UserService and UserCache yields NullPointerException

Question asked by miniscem on Feb 21, 2017
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What is the proper way to inject the UserService and UserCache spring beans via spring annotations? This question: Injecting UserService yields Null  addresses it using xml configuration, but how does this translate to annotations? 


Are there contexts I cannot inject the UserService and UserCache objects into my code? Are there best practices? I'm experiencing some inconsistency with injecting the activiti provided beans. I am able to inject the bean into a class that implements BootstrapConfigurer (as a private autowired instance member variable) but not in a class that lies within the com.actviti.extension.bean class (attempting to inject as as an autowired, protected member variable). The class is annotated with @Service but does not extend or implement any classes. 


Any help would be appreciated.