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A service task is run asynchronously when user task is completed

Question asked by akhettar on Feb 21, 2017
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I am new to BPM. I have a simple flow consisting of a user task and service task - see attachment. Looks like when complete is called on the task on name="Enter user details", the service task is run asynchronously and I have no way of sending back the outcome of the service task to the client.


The step is as follow: I have REST endpoint which invokes complete user task ( name="Enter user details") Even though an exception is thrown in the service Task "User details Task service", there is no way for the REST endpoint to send back the outcome to the client. I am catching the exception as the service task user and throwing BPMNError, but this doesn't help. What I have also noticed is that the rollback of the current transaction is not happening, such that the execution tracks back to the user task and the user task is still present in the database. The execution moves straight to the next task.


Have you got the right set up? Would it be possible to block at a complete task and query the outcome of the service task? I don't like blocking anywhere in the code, though.


Your help is very much appreciated.