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Customizing Aikau PdfJs Preview Widget

Question asked by on Feb 23, 2017
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I'm pretty new to Share development so please bear with me.


What I'd like to do is the following :


1) Change the behaviour of the Aikau PdfJs viewer, so that it is maximized by default.

2) Show the PDF outline/thumbnail sidebar by default.


So, far I'm failing to make much progress on 1) - i've got the following config, and I suspect the <targetPackageRoot> is incorrect, but i've tried 'preview' and 'document-details' packages. The preview one seems the most logical.


What else do I need ? Is the below sufficient to push an updated config to the widget ? 


What about the ID's ?

I couldnt figure out what the ID should be for AlfDocumentPreview, so I tried finding by name. At the moment, I dont think the .js is even being run, so its a non-starter.

Can you push a config to the widget without an ID ?


On the off-chance that i'm on the right track, is using 'widgetsForPluginsOverrides' the correct mechanism to use? 


Finally, can I use the same mechanism to perform requirement 2) - It doesnt look like there is a flag for the sidebar, although the vanilla mozilla pdfjs appears to have a "sidebarViewOnLoad"... I can see there is a onSideBarToggle() method, but how can I cause this to fire ?


For what its worth, I have been through the excellent Aikau tutorials by Dave Draper, but I cant help feeling i'm missing something fundamental when it comes to lightly modifying a widget through a surf extension module.


Thanks for any help / pointers.







               <id>Custom Document Preview Widget</id>
               <description>Instantiate a Document Preview Widget</description>


var docPreview = widgetUtils.findObject(model.jsonModel, "name",
this.alfLog("log", "In override viewer Widget", config);

if (docPreview != null) {
this.alfLog("log", "Found Preview Widget ", config);
          name : "alfresco/preview/AlfDocumentPreview",
          config : {
               heightMode : 600,

               widgetsForPluginsOverrides : [ {
                    id : "PdfJs",                    
                    name: "alfresco/preview/PdfJs/PdfJs",
                    replace: true,
                    config: {
                         maximized : "true" }
               } ]