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How to distinguish between Activity_Started Events of the same Activity ID?

Question asked by maayanl on Feb 23, 2017
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I'm trying to catch all the events raised in consequence of starting or completing of serviceTask Activities.



My system is integrated with Activiti through ActivMQ by defining the property "typedEventListeners" and implementing a class that catch the events of specific types.


My system is creating an System-Entity when activity started in Activiti and closing this Entity when the activity is completed.

It saves 3 Parameters:

  • process Definition ID
  • Process Instance ID
  • Activity ID


In case my process contains a loop, means an activity occur more then once during the process execution -

I need to be able to distinguish between Activity_Started Events of the same ActivityID. So I can create in my system, for each event, an Entity with unique number, so when the Activity_Completed Event will arrive I could know which entity should be closed. 


Can you please help me deal with this problem?


Thank you,