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Disable afterCreateVersion Policy is not working in alfresco

Question asked by pmr_reddy on Feb 24, 2017

Disable afterCreateVersion Policy is not working in alfresco 5.0.1


In my porject we have a custom policy afterCreateVersion with some bussiness logic. while i am writing one java service i need to disable the afterCreateVersion and need to create a version manually in that i don't want to call policy code as below but it is failing to stop.


afterCreateVersion like

new JavaBehaviour(this, "afterCreateVersion",Behaviour.NotificationFrequency.TRANSACTION_COMMIT))


### In my Service i am calling like 



version=versionService.createVersion(nodeRef, versionProperties);

behaviourFilter.enableBehaviour(nodeRef, ContentModel.ASPECT_VERSIONABLE);


is i am missing anything? please help to resolve this