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show document lib. action for custom type only in a particular site only. 

Question asked by alf_developer09876 on Feb 24, 2017

I need to show doc lib action  for specific type (qwe:customtype). change to be reflected at specific site and non site area  (Myfiles/repository) only.


<bean id="for-specifictype-only" parent="evaluator.doclib.action.nodeType">
<property name="types">




<action id="document-assign-workflow" type="javascript" label="actions.document.assign-workflow">
                <param name="function">onActionAssignWorkflow</param>

ForEx::   Only  nodes of type qwe:customtype at "abc" site should be able to view doc lib action. 

              For other sites,it should be visible to all types(default  and custom) of nodes.( like cm:folder type node at other site should be able to view this action)

Do we here need a custom site evaluater?, As default evaluaters do not take specific site anme as parameter



Thanks a lot.