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Unable to edit excel document on line

Question asked by jonnybeau on Feb 24, 2017

Using IE 11 - When I try and Edit Online I get error


"Sorry we couldn't open '<site_and_file_pathName>'


MS Excel cannot access the file '<site_and_file_pathName>'. There are several possible reasons:


The file name or path is incorrect     (this is my thoughts)

The file is being used by another program       (no because I am the only one who has access to it at the moment)

The workbood you are trying to saver has the same name as a currently open workbook    (no this is the only one I am trying to open)


Now is it just me, or should alfresco not be trying to open




If IE is trying to open isn't IE is looking at its own desktop not the path to the alfresco server where the file is sitting?


I get the same error with Firefox


How can I Fix this issue so that I can edit documents online?