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simple drools rule with input of process variables

Question asked by ajeje93 on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2017 by ajeje93

I would like  to implement a simple business rule task:

<businessRuleTask id="businessruletask1" name="Business rule task" activiti:ruleVariablesInput="${input1}, ${input2}" activiti:rules="DecideWS" activiti:resultVariable="choice"></businessRuleTask>

where input1 and input2 are process variables that I set before starting an instance.


The rule is the following:

rule "DecideWS"

        input1 = 0.8



When I try to deploy it I get the error:

[5,9]: [ERR 102] Line 5:9 mismatched input '=' in rule "DecideWS"
[0,0]: Parser returned a null Package


How can I implement such a rule?

Let's suppose that input1 and input2 are of type ArrayList<Double>, how can I tell to Drools to get an element inside them?


Thanks in advance.