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How to access the processExecutionID of the currently created process.

Question asked by imthiaz.d on Feb 25, 2017
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I am new to BPMN modeling and Activiti. I started working on it. I learnt to create a process by a post call

"runtime/process-instances" and passing the Process definition key to it.


I am able to mark the Tasks using "runtime/tasks/" + taskId" post call.


I am trying to implement an product ordering, manufacturing and delivering process. Lets call it order management system.


I want to map each order to the instance of the process created for it.


I am trying to set the variable order with the order ID while creating the process itself. like below


Map<String, Object> v =new HashMap<String, Object>();

and passing the map to the post call like below

/runtime/tasks/" + taskId, pojo)

But thats not setting the process variable.


The other way is, I can set the process Execution Id on the order object and then I can map the process to the order object.


The problem is, I don't know how to access the processExecutionId of the currently created process.


It would be very help if the answer has some samples in it.


Thank you for the Help.