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Fetch all users of a group in MultiSelectInput in aikau?

Question asked by manav on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by hardik1512

I am trying create form control which can fetch users from a particular group. From the link, I found that it can be achieved by MultiSelectInput form control. In that widget I am making a call to "api/groups/ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS/children" service API which returns all users of the group.



   id: "MULTI_SELECT_1",
    name: "alfresco/forms/controls/MultiSelectInput",
    config: {
       label: "My multi-select input",
       name: "mySelect",
       width: "400px",
       choiceCanWrap: false, // Whether chosen items' text can wrap over multiple lines (defaults to true)
       choiceMaxWidth: "50%", // The maximum width of chosen items (defaults to 100%)
       optionsConfig: {
          labelAttribute: "Select", // What's displayed in the dropdown and choice (defaults to label)
          queryAttribute: "shortName", // The attribute that's used when filtering the dropdown (defaults to name)
          valueAttribute: "displayName", // The actual submitted value for each chosen item (defaults to value)
          publishTopic: "ALF_RETRIEVE_MULTISELECT_INFO",
          publishPayload: {
             uri: "api/groups/ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS/children"
          labelFormat: { // Optional label format strings (all default to item[] if not specified)
             choice: "shortName",
             result: "displayName",
             full: "shortName - displayName"
          searchStartsWith: true // Whether the query attribute should start with the search string (defaults to false)


But I am not able to get any user multiselectinput. It would appreciate if anyone can help me to achieve this.