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Boundary timer continues its execution even if attached User task is completed

Question asked by ami on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by gdharley


I am facing an interesting problem using Boundary timer with Cycles parameter. To have a look at my process definition, REFER: 'Boundary Timer continues execution.png'

The problem with this definition is, Once we reach to 'User Task-2 (for User-2)', we will let Boundary timer execute just for one time.
Once Boundary timer is executed, User-2 immediately completes it's action, which was assigned in 'User Task-2 (for User-2)' But but but the problem here is, Boundary timer still stays there in act_ru_job table and continues it's execution until configured cycles gets finished.

Ideally, once user completes the action, Boundary timer should stop it's execution, which happens with most of my process definition, but there is some issue that I'm trying to find about this process definition.

Now, I was trying to play with my Definition, and what do I do is, I tried replacing Inclusive gateway with Parallel gateway, which resulted in same erroneous output, and then I replaced it by Exclusive Gateway and what do I see is, once it is executed and followed by activity - User completing it's action, resulted in - the boundary timer's job is removed from Runtime table. I wonder how does this work correctly?


Can anybody help me find out issue with this Definition?


Ami Dave