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How to override some of ajax based picker logic?

Question asked by Aleksey Bykov on Mar 2, 2017

Alfresco Community v5.2 (other versions too) includes some of preconfigured workflows that available on the page /share/page/start-workflow


I'm interested in "Review and Approve (one or more reviewers) - Assign a review task to multiple reviewers".


Actually, to be more precise - in the logic of assigning.


For example, I want to make some customization. I want to display members in the table, not in the list. For this I need to understand how they appear in the list.


In the file share-config-custom.xml I can find the path to the templates.


For example, for the bpm:workflowDueDate it will be:


<field id="bpm:workflowDueDate" set="info" label-id="workflow.field.due">
  <control template="/org/alfresco/components/form/controls/info.ftl" />

But for bpm:assignees the template is not specified:


<field id="bpm:assignee" label-id="workflow.field.reviewer" set="assignee" />

I assume, that there are some back-end beans, that perform most of the logic.


How can I override some of ajax based picker logic?..


I would be very grateful for the information. Thanks to all.