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Does alfresco community has aciviti explorer?

Question asked by prasobhraj on Mar 4, 2017
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I have seen this youtube link of alfresco activiti Alfresco Activiti simple demo (no audio) - YouTube  .


Does alfresco community version has activiti explorer where we can design model and workflows and deploy them by front end itself . Currently am following the below

Following files created for each workflow

  • xxxx-activiti-Model.xml --> workflow model. For defining properties of workflow (fields to save data, form keys).
  • xxxx.bpmn --> workflow file.
  • xxxx-content-model.xml --> for defining document properties for the document attached in bpm package, values will assign by completion of task execution.
  • xxxx-model-context.xml --> for defining the beans. Mapping the content model file. Defining the delegates  (java class used for service tasks) used in workflow

Following files updated whenever a new workflow is created

  • example-model-context.xml --> the workflow bpmn and model files are mapped in this.
  • share-config-custom.xml --> updated with the workflow start activiti, formkey, node (document properties display) , advanced search

and am copying this files to shared location in alfresco server.


Please help