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How to create sub-process on the fly ? means how to create sub-process dynamically ?

Question asked by shatrusudan on Mar 6, 2017
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I am new in Activiti BPM. i am still learning Activiti BPM  to using in our project. my project based on Java and spring technology.

Basically my requirement is how we can add or create sub process dynamically. if our workflow or process instance already created. i tried multi instance feature to fit my requirement but in multi instance at least we need to fix loop cardinality or how many instance will create we have to fix that. any solution for create sub process.

my business requirement is we are creating One Incident through workflow. in that incident flow we will create some activity like set of task for that we will create a sub process. but in some incident have 2 activity(sub-process) or some incident have 5 activity(sub-process), and in edit case also we can add more activity(sub-process) in that same incident. so my road block is how we can create sub process dynamically or add sub process in running process instance.


Hope i have given clear requirement of my business. If any solution have in activiti BPM please guide me.


Thanks in Advance.


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