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LDAP configuration with Alfresco ECM 5.2.0 201702 (latest version)

Question asked by okaboudan on Mar 6, 2017
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I am attempting to configure Alfresco with LDAP (Microsoft Active Directory), problem is:

1- I wanted to follow this guide:

Configuring LDAP (Active Directory) | Alfresco Documentation 

But I didn't find the directories section in the admin console, all I have is:System Summary, consoles, Support tools.

But as this guide was for v5.04 not v5.2, I figured there might be changes, so:


2- I searched for the same version as mine (201702) and tried to follow this video guide:

Configuring LDAP | Alfresco Documentation 

But going into the path:


There are 4 folders, none of them is called LDAP like the video suggested


3 - This page has important information but not the "how to" configure

Alfresco Community Edition security | Alfresco Documentation 


Can someone kindly guide me to the way to make this configuration out of the box ?