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How to read document from Alfresco community edition 5.2?

Question asked by muqthar on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2017 by jpotts

I am new to alfresco. This may be the basic query but please help me.


My requirement is Upload text document which will be displayed in UI once it is approved by the supervisor. To achieve this we are using three folders

Draft - To upload

Pending - Pending for approval

Approved - Approved document


Reading the content from Approved folder using document id with the REST service as shown below URL.


1. Editor will move the document from Draft folder to Pending for approval.

2. Supervisor will check the document in Pending folder, once he accepted through simple workflow, the document will be moved to Approved folder from Pending folder.

3. On the approved folder,we have one rule to copy the document from Approved to Draft folder so that editor can edit the document for second upload.

So here the problem is while copying the document id is getting changed so next time when supervisor approved the document we are not getting the updated content because document id is different for second document.


Please help how to resolve this conflict.