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How can I display comments from a previous workflow task in the form for the following task?

Question asked by marcollirite on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2017 by marcollirite

I'm creating a workflow for a document review process. I've successfully implemented a "comments" box for the review tasks allowing the reviewers to leave comments about the document. These comments can be viewed in the workflow details in share.


What I would like the workflow to do is to display these comments as part of the form in the following task (e.g. if a document is rejected, the workflow will more to an "Amend Document" task, and when this task form is viewed, I would like the comments from the reviewer to be displayed as part of the form).


My plan is to define a workflow process comments variable, set it at the end of each task, and then display it in the next form. I am able to set the variable, but I am unsure on how to display this in another task, and whether this needs to be done in the  workflow bpmn file or in the share-config-custom.xml.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!