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Using Community Records Management (RM) in supporting large number of records sites – how big?

Question asked by on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2017 by neilecker

I know that Community and Community RM is typically not recommend for business critical production systems and less than 100 users but I wanted get a sense of how big a set of records people have managed. We are currently using a commercial product and will have no more than 40 people using the system and probably less than 20 concurrently. However we are managing 30+ years of electronic and paper records for 8000 employees that generate a significant (high) amount of documentation and email. I don’t have counts of number of records nor size yet.

  • Is anyone successfully running RM on an organization of our size?
  • If successful, what hardware were you running?
  • Has anyone hit a wall for scaling Community Edition (RM)?
  • Has anyone bulk imported records from an Oracle (UCM) records management system?  Any details?
  • What is the largest successful implementation you are aware of (Records and GB/TB) of documents for a performant system in Community or is this beyond the scope of this product?