The next release of Alfresco Community Edition

Discussion created by resplin on Mar 13, 2017

We have received positive feedback on the Alfresco Community Edition 201702 GA Release. That gives us confidence that we can pause and work on some fundamental projects before pushing out our next release of Alfresco Community Edition.


Over the next two months, we are working on migrating our source code from Subversion to Git. This requires significant changes to our build tooling and processes, but will make our maintenance work on commercial releases of Alfresco much easier as well as make it much easier for us to accept contributions on our open source products as pull requests.


Once we have worked out a few more details, we plan to publish a blog post here to explain what we are doing.


In the meantime, I want to update expectations about the next releases of Alfresco Community Edition:


  • We will likely have one more GA release of Alfresco Community Edition built on the 5.2 repository containing bug fixes and additional REST APIs. This is not likely to happen before May.
  • We are working to have a release of Records Management compatible with the 201702 release of Community Edition. We will release it when it is available.


Please add to this discussion if you have any questions or comments.