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Having trouble assigning tasks to different assignees in custom workflow

Question asked by marcollirite on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by marcollirite

I'm trying to create a custom workflow, where at the start of the workflow, the workflow initiator can choose 3 users to perform different tasks in the workflow (in this case, an author, a reviewer, and an approver).


To do this I am defining each of these roles as an aspect of my start task in my workflow model, and then I am trying to assign these users to process variables in the workflow and assign the tasks to them through the activiti:assignee task. In my share-config-custom I am defining the roles as authority controls. I am following the process described in java ee - Multiple assignee controls in Alfresco Workflow form - Stack Overflow 


The workflow starts without a problem, and Alfresco allows me to select users, but the task assignment does not work. In the workflow history, it says that the task is assigned to "$(", which is the expression I use in my bpmn file, but it is not picking up the userName of the author variable.


I have attached my files below. If there is a problem with them, or if there is a better method of achieving this goal, please let me know!


Many thanks