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Search - spellcheck/"did you mean" does not work

Question asked by vezance on Mar 15, 2017

When searching in Alfresco Community Edition 5.2, I am able to search only for exact matches. The spellcheck function, or the 'did you mean' function, no longer works.

At first installation, the default spellcheck worked well. At an unknown point in time, it stopped working.


e.g. searching for 'bitcoin' provides a certain set of results, but searching for 'bitcoi' returns nothing. It simply says, 'check your spelling'.

When using REST APIs to search, terms like 'bitcoi', 'bitcoom', etc. all return the expected set of results.


We had previously deployed some AMPS extensions, but we removed them to see if they were causing the issue. The issue still persists. I do not recall making any other changes that might have affected the search functionality.


What could be the possible causes of this problem?