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Getting started with a custom web app

Question asked by jgiuffrida on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by jgiuffrida

Hi all,

Currently undergoing a project involving BPMN and the wonderful Activiti API. Activiti has served us well in the generation of BPMN workflows and we have been using Activiti Explorer to test the logic, conditions, metadata collection, etc of our processes.


We now want to create a custom web client that allows us to expand on the functionality of Activiti Explorer and uses JMS for event handling and processes invoking 'child processes'


We were thinking of using Activiti Explorer as a base, is it modular enough to be 'rebranded' and expanded on into a custom web app?


If anyone is willing to share any guidelines or tips on how to begin this process in an efficient manner, it would be much appreciated, we've started looking into things such as Spring and REST, but we'd prefer to hear what the community thinks first.