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Docker Alfresco Resources?

Question asked by josh_barrett on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by derek

I am trying to figure out how to Dockerize Alfresco Enterprise (5.1 or higher) and am not sure exactly were to start.


The company I work for has Docker infrastructure built out to production and some critical applications running on it.   I have been asked to try to get the our Alfresco up and running in Docker containers.


I don't think Alfresco has a Docker Trusted Registry that is open to pull from.    I did see some projects out there but not sure where to go.   Even an example Dockerfile would be a great start.   


I hear Alfresco uses Docker internally for development.   I haven't seen any documentation or artifacts on this.


It could be I am not looking in the right place.


Any help getting me started would be greatly appreciated.