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Error ( Address already used) in running Alfresco Desktop Sync

Question asked by parisa on Mar 17, 2017

I want to set Alfresco Desktop Sync for Alfresco one.


I follow this link to set up desktop sync:


Every things are set based on instruction.

I’m using ubuntu 14.04 as server containing Alfresco one, postgresql and ActiveMQ. IP address of Ubuntu 14.04 is


Enclosed, you can find config.yml (configuration file of sync service) and also sync-service log.

I just have to mention that based on the instruction in the above link, I just add the following two lines to end of Alfresco configuration file(




I received following warning several times that causes the sync service not starting:


WARN [2017-03-17 10:33:12.444] [main] org.eclipse.jetty.util.component.AbstractLifeCycle - FAILED org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server@79252c83: java.lang.RuntimeException: Adresse déjà utilisée

java.lang.RuntimeException: Adresse déjà utilisée


I greatly appreciate any help and any suggestion.


Thanks in advance,