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Regarding AAAR setup issue for Alfresco 5.1.1 and Pentaho 7

Question asked by paritoshchandorkar on Mar 19, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2017 by fcorti

Hello Francesco,

My Alfresco version is 5.1.1

Pentaho version is 7

A.A.A.R version is 4.5.

I am trying to setup AAAR for Alfresco.I was able to get the "AAAR" option in the "Tools" Menu on Pentaho.  

But it is throwing the following error when "AAAR" page come up.It does not show the configuration option in the screen.  "14:59:12,206 ERROR [RepositoryResource] Repository file [:public:AAAR:main.wcdf] not found"

 I am attaching the snapshot as well as the console error.

It does not throw any error in the pentaho.log.  

Kindly help me with the same.  

Thanks and regards,

Paritosh Chandorkar