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How to retrieve historical form property names, via REST ?

Question asked by ppcchh on Mar 20, 2017
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My use case is simple and I am really close to be able to implement it.


startEvent -> task1 -> task2 -> endEvent


I want my app users to fill forms at every task and be able, afterwards, to let them consult what form they have filled in the past.


I can easily display the form at the start event or at any task via API 15.9.1. Get form data when the user submits it.


But when the process is at task2 I cannot display the form submitted at task1 because

  1. the 15.8.22. Query for historic details do not return the propertyName, but just propertyId and propertyValue
  2. There is no equivalent method of GET form data but for historized tasks

Then I cannot display the input labels which are stored as property names !


That's too bad not to have the property names, it would be very practical to display historical submitted forms !


Can anyone think a way of doing it using REST only ? Am I missing something ?