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Pop-up header title missing when using FME datalist filter

Question asked by lmaorence on Mar 22, 2017

Hello everyone,
I'm new to Alfreco so please bear with me, I am using FME datalist filter, but in the filter area, there are extra fields and button (submit and cancel). I tried removing the <create-form> tag from config model-type in my share because i think its overriding the <create-form> tag in the jar file and resolved the problem, now filter is working and looking properly. However, when you click the 'New Item', the modal pops up but the modal header is empty and there is a transparent field below it. Anyone who have any ideas about this and how to fix this? How about manually setting my pop-up title and removing the require field area, how do I do this? See image below. 


PS: I'm using Community Edition v5.1.e





pop-up has no title and has a transparent area below