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Question asked by natmacri on Mar 22, 2017
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I have created a script for the creation of a folder, in order to insert a document:
var nomefinestra = space.childByNamePath(["ALTRO:nomefinestra"]);
if (nomefinestra== null)
nomefinestra = space.createFolder(["ALTRO:nomefinestra"]);
utente.setPermission("Coordinator","GROUP_Manager Ufficio Personale");

the user with who I try to archive the document, belong to the "GROUP_Manager Ufficio Personale",
it is set with the coordinator role in the father folder.
When I try to insert the file it gives me the following message:
"You do not have appropriate permissions to perform this operation "
in order to make it function I have to set to the GROUP_Manager Ufficio Personale the role of :ADMINISTRATOR,
And I don't want to do that,

thank you in advanced for your help and patience,