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No module package found - alfresco community 5.2

Question asked by gmce on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by gmce

Hello everyone, i've recently installed alfresco community 5.2 on an Ubuntu Server 14.04 x64.
I have installed all the package except Web Quick Start e Google Docs integration.


After the first restart a message telling "alfresco without share services...." appeared in the admin control panel, then i've found that in admin console, under "module browser" there is a message "no module package found".


Strangly the software function, i've managed to install the module Edit Online with LO, but now i've wanted to install the plugin Custom Alfresco Header with no success (i've already installed on a second linux server).


I fear that my installation is broken, the only differences in how i installed  Alfresco in the working server and in the broken server is that on the second one i did not install the google integration (i don't want my users to upload docs on google docs)


Thanks in advance