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Enabling Calibri/Cambria fonts for LO conversions

Question asked by briant on Mar 26, 2017

It was always annoying that documents from some systems had Calibri or Cambria fonts, and these never looked good in the Alfresco previews, nor the generated PDF.


Today we finally spent some time and resolved it - not so hard after all.  We added an update to a slightly old thread on AskUbuntu here:LibreOffice command line font substitution at pptx to pdf conversion - Ask Ubuntu 

...but in case that gets lost, relevant details are repeated below.


On FreeBSD 10.x/Ubuntu 14.x, install the ChromeOS font equivalents Carlito and Caladea respectively.


FreeBSD 10.x:

$ pkg search cros

$ sudo pkg install crosextrafonts-caladea-20130214_1 crosextrafonts-carlito-20130920_2

Linux 14.x:

$ sudo apt-get install fonts-crosextra-carlito fonts-crosextra-caladea

May need to run:

$ fc-cache -r

Verify with:

$ fc-match Calibri
Carlito-Regular.ttf: "Carlito" "Regular"
$ fc-match Cambria
Caladea-Regular.ttf: "Caladea" "Regular"

It may also need a restart of the LO instance - we did for completeness.