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How to customize the site-finder page

Question asked by luiscesarinfo on Mar 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by afaust

Hi guys,


I made some changes in creating / editing sites by adding a new field. This field will work as a categorization and is a simple text field and I am using an aspect to add this new field.
Now I would like to customize the page of the site-finder so that when the user enters the name of the site, the result will be grouped by the new field and it looks like the example below:


Category X1
Site name 1[Delete][Leave]
Site name 2[Delete][Leave]
Category X2
Site name 3[Delete][Leave]
Site name 4[Delete][Leave]
Site name 5[Delete][Leave]


Which files should I change or add and where should I put these files?
I'm using alfresco community 5.0.d


Thanks in advance.