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A few questions from a new user

Question asked by blazestar on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2017 by mehe

Hi guys,


I've been testing Alfresco in a VM and I love it.


I'm using FreeNAS 9.10 for storing my data.

I'm trying to find discussions about it in a FreeNAS environment and I've found none.
More specifically, I'm looking for a "best practices" guide, so I don't need to experiment too much and start over 100 times.


I will be running Alfresco in a VM, installed on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
Then let it access a dedicated share on FreeNAS.

First question : I was thinking about giving a NFS share to Alfresco.

Would a CIFS share be better ?

And how do I deal with the ACL and such?


Also, for backup, I use ZFS replication, which is absolutely awesome.

However, I'm wondering if it will be a good match for Alfresco.

I understand that the files are stored like normal files so that part won't be a problem.

But I also understand that there are databases involved.

So I'm wondering if I should make up a script to stop MySQL, make a dump, and start it again.

Or maybe such feature already exist?



Finally, I'm wondering how to import all my files at once.

I've taking a look at the bulk import feature, which looks nice.

But it appears that the file have to be local.

Is it a good practice to mount a CIFS share on the Alfresco server and proceed with a bulk import from there?


Any comment or recommendation would be greatly appreciated!