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How to render different form fields of selected Content type in Alfresco Advanced Search Screen

Question asked by riya.soni42 on Mar 29, 2017



I am using alfresco 5.2.


I want to change in form fields when it is rendering after clicking on Cotent Type from menu button in alfresco advanced search screen.


For example, if I have select cm:content from menu button then form is rendered.


I have refered the code which is there in advsearch.js file at path Alf-installation-folder\tomcat\webapps\share\components\search\advsearch.js.


When it is called webscript which contains url "YAHOO.lang.substitute(Alfresco.constants.URL_SERVICECONTEXT + "components/form?itemKind=type&itemId={itemId}&formId={formId}&mode=edit&showSubmitButton=false&showCancelButton=false" " .


               url: formUrl,
               dataObj: formData,
                  fn: function ADVSearch_onFormTemplateLoaded(response)
                     // Inject the template from the XHR request into the child container div
                     formDiv.innerHTML = response.serverResponse.responseText;   
                  scope: this
               failureMessage: "Could not load form component '" + formUrl + "'.",
               scope: this,
               execScripts: true


In this code, formDiv.innerHTML contains whole html of the form template like form tags, div tags, input tags according to selected content types,


now I want to get id of div tag or input tags which is there in above object.


But I don't know how can I get each tags value and id from formDiv or formDiv.innerHTML.


Please give the suggestion or any link or code, so I can achieve this.


Thanks in advance.