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WorkingCopy node with CIFS

Question asked by vincent-kali on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2017 by vincent-kali

Hi all,

We've recently noticed a confusing behaviour when checking out a node from share interface:


1) A user select 'Offline editing' action in doc Library

2) Node is locked, and a working copy is created in the original document folder

3) Browser asks for downloading the working copy

4) User download the working copy anywere on his computer

5) The working copy is not visible from share interface, but visible with access to everyone from CIFS


End user question: which document am'I supposed to work with (locally downloaded or the one seen on my mapped drive) ? What appends if other user modifies the working copy found on original document folder..........


Is that a desired behaviour ?

Is there a way to hide working copy in CIFS ?