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10 questions about alfresco in the Cloud

Question asked by webdesigner on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by webdesigner

Dear Alfresco Community,


for a new project I investigate the possiblities to use the Alfresco Cloud.


My experiences with Alfresco Cloud is unfortunately "out of date", therefore I decided to ask you about current state regarding Alfresco Cloud (because not all of my questions are well covered by the official Alfresco documentation). I think these questions can help to everyone who evaluates Alfresco Cloud solution:


1. Is it possible to define custom Content Types/Metadata in Alfresco Cloud?


2. Is it possible to define custom Workflows in Alfresco Cloud?


3. Is it possible to define custom Web-Scripts in Alfresco Cloud?


4. Is it possible to customize Share Forms in Alfresco Cloud (e.g. Search dialog with custom metadata)


5. Does Alfresco Mail integration work with Alfresco Cloud?


6. Does alfresco Record Management work in the Cloud?


7. Does alfresco Desktop client works with the Cloud?


8. Are there Alfresco Cloud providers in Switzerland or Germany available (The goal is to store the data in Germany/Switzerland)?


9. Cloud doesn't work with Alfresco Community, is that true?


10. In case my customer decide to use hybrid approach(Alfresco On-Premis and Sync to the Alfresco Cloud): If he buys Alfresco Enterprise license, does he need to pay for Alfresco Cloud extra?


Thanks in advance!


Best regards