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Alfresco Siebel Integration

Question asked by knayodhya on Mar 30, 2017



We are planning to integrate Siebel with Alfresco.

In Siebel, we will store the Alfresco document id.

From Siebel, we should be able to display the Alfresco document when user clicks on the document id and also user should be able to upload the document by passing few document meta data from Siebel.


We also should be able provide the ability to the outside customers to view the document based on the document meta data information.


We are thinking of 2 options.


Option 1: Use Spring Boot to create a page to provide the option for download and also provide an option for upload

Option 2. Use Aikau to perform the above said opearations.


Which one would be the best option? Please suggest if there is any other better available solution.