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Not able to connect activiti BPM 5.22 to standalone H2 database server

Question asked by rao_diid on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by gdharley

Hi there,


I am new to Activiti bpm - we are evaluating the product, just starting with it though I have good experience in other BPM products. I am trying to connect activiti BPM to standalone H2 database which I have installed on my machine.


Just to elaborate, I have apache tomcat 8.5.12 up and running with activiti explorer war added to it, have installed latest version of h2 standalone database on my machine and changed jdbc.url property to jdbc:h2:~/activiti .


After It I have restarted H2 and Tomcat, following which I am able to login to activiti explorer with kermit/kermit, but when I login to H2 console I still see a blank database schema with nothing inside it.


Please could someone help/advise what I am doing wrong and how I can connect activiti bpm to stand alone H2 db server.