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using alfresco-js-api in the browser, I can only login using the ecm-ticket in the constructor

Question asked by mehe on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by mehe

I'm using an AngularJS (1.6) SPA with the alfresco-js-api directly in the browser.

Thought I should be able to login with a valid ticket using 

var ticket="XXXXXXXXXXXXX"; //valid ticket inside
var alfrescoApiInst = new AlfrescoApi({ provider:'ECM' });
alfrescoApiInst.loginTicket(ticket).then(function (data) {
             console.log('valid ticket you are logged in');
         }, function (error) {


but this is not working.

But using the ticket in the constructor works

var alfrescoApiInst=new AlfrescoApi({ticketEcm:ticket,hostEcm:hostUrl,provider:"ECM"});


It works with the constructor, but did I miss anything or got it totally wrong?