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Can we sync multiple instances of Alfresco CMS?

Question asked by rishabh on Apr 3, 2017
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Also, if I’m using the multiple instances of your CMS then there is a possibility to sync my content whenever we want or at some specific time? Means, Can we sync multiple instances of Alfresco CMS?  


"I've a use case :- In which I want to update some content at my intranet through Alfresco CMS. And then after some time or after some user action, I want to sync my content over cloud Alfresco CMS that is present on the internet.
It means I'm using both self-hosted CMS and cloud CMS for my site and this depends on the location.
In some location I'm using cloud CMS and rest of the location I'm using self-hosted Alfresco
then these content will sync with each other?"