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Web Content Services: implementations in production

Question asked by pkhazzaka on Apr 3, 2017
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I am looking into the "Web Content Services" of Alfresco and whether I could use it for the implementation of a Web Content Management system: creating and editing content, management of translations and publication of the contents to a (static) web server or replication to another Alfresco repository.


The documentation says that "Web Quick Start" provides developers with features to manage and publish (multilingual) websites, but it is meant as a "quick start", and not as an "as is" product.


Has anybody real life experience using the Web Quick Start, ASR and/or AFTR for a production WCM and could provide me with some feedback? Is it robust enough to be used "as is"? Which features are working well, which are not? Does it scale well?


Thanks a lot in advance,