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CMIS Querying with Path having performance issues

Question asked by gluck113 on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by gluck113

Hello Alfresco Community, 


I'm starting a new Alfresco project and we are doing some tests linking Alfresco with a C-Sharp Application through CMIS. We have a encountered a minor setback while querying with PATHs.


I'll explain: when we execute this query without a Path we have an immediate answer:

ses.Query("select * from cer:DocType where cer:statid = 414"false);

but when doing it like this it takes 2-3 seconds for an answer:

ses.Query("select * from cer:DocType where cer:statid = 414 " + " and contains('PATH:\"/app:company_home/st:sites/cm:test/cm:documentLibrary/cm:StaoDoku/cm:Test//*\"')", false);

Has anybody encountered this issue? Could it be a configuration issue? We installed 5.2 out of the box...


I see a hacky way out but I want to be sure before going down that road...