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Is there any other efficient way to retrieve all the folders and files of a Alfresco space using Alfresco web script as well as the total documents count

Question asked by rashi on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by afaust

I have tried to extract the folders and documents information using below CMIS query in web script.


SELECT * FROM cmis:document WHERE IN_TREE('"+child.nodeRef+"')

SELECT * FROM cmis:folder WHERE IN_TREE('"+child.nodeRef+"')


But cmis:document giving me incorrect result. For example if I have large number of empty child folders and there s document available after traversing 7-8 folders levels. In this scenario I am receiving 0 result if I use the cmis:document query.


Kindly suggest If any one having good and optimised solution for the same.


I am using 3.4 Version of Alfresco.