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How to update repository-tier workflow files without restarting the tomcat server?

Question asked by marcollirite on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by marcollirite

Hi all, I'm currently working on developing a custom workflow with many custom behaviors and scripts. I'm using the Alfresco Maven SDK to build and test my project as I develop it. This necessitates that I restart the repository-tier tomcat server every time I want to make a change/update my workflow files. I am getting quite frustrated with how long this takes each time, and it means that I'm wasting time while waiting for the server to restart, especially when I've made a small typo in one of my files.


I'm looking for a way (if it's possible) to update my files (in particular the bpmn process file) and apply these changes to my Alfresco instance without having to restart the tomcat servers each time. I've set <redeploy> to true in my service-context.xml, and I have also tried to redeploy the workflow from the admin-workflow-console, but my changes do not take place unless I manually restart the server.


I am using: Alfresco Community 5.2, Maven SDK 2.2


Any tips or suggestions would be very welcome!