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How to create a field that is searchable by giving a range

Question asked by hiten.rastogi on Apr 13, 2017
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I have three fields that contains values for the tenure of a contract, e.g. custom:tenureYear=5, custom:tenureMonth=11 and custom:tenureDays=3, these fields are simple text, non editable and are calculated through a behavior.


I want that in the adv. search form I can have three other fields in which I can input a range for custom:tenureYear, custom:tenureMonth and custom:tenureDays and display the result, e.g. showing in the search results the contracts that have tenure years of 4 and 5 I can input a to and from field with value 4 and 5 and it fetches the results by checking the custom:tenureYear for every contract and values that lies in between the to and from values are displayed as a result.



Hiten Rastogi