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Publish to Alfresco Task is not adding the content to Alfresco ECM

Question asked by abarahmeh on Apr 13, 2017
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Hi all,


I'm trying to add content to alfresco ECM by uploading it through alfresco activiti process. But when the process reach this task (Publish to Alfresco Task), there is nothing happen, and the content is not added to the alfresco ECM.


And when I open the diagram for the process, I get the below message for this step, and the workflow stopped at this step:

ServiceTask Publish to Local
Name: Publish to Local


Class: com.activiti.runtime.activiti.KickstartAlfrescoPublishDelegate
Asynchronous: true
Exclusive: true
Field extensions:
relatedContentService - ${relatedContentService}
relatedContentProcessor - ${relatedContentProcessor}
historyService - ${historyService}
alfrescoMetadataProcessor - ${alfrescoMetadataProcessor}
contentSource - field
metaDataMapping - [{"fileProperty":"cm:title","propertyType":"string","propertyValueType":"field","formField":{"id":"title","name":"Title","type":"text"}},{"fileProperty":"cm:description","propertyType":"string","propertyValueType":"field","formField":{"id":"description","name":"Description","type":"text"}}]
documentType - cmis:document
documentAspects - [{"aspectName":"cm:titled"}]
account - alfresco-1001
site - case-management
publishAsType - process_initiator
path - 98c85578-0e56-4d6d-8c63-7ba09ca84718
createFolder - ${title}
contentContainer - fileto
Execution listeners:
start - com.activiti.runtime.activiti.ContentProcessorExecutionListener (class), field extensions: externalContentHandler - ${externalContentHandler}
Note: I have added the alfresco repository from (Identify Management->Tenants), and did the correct authentication from (Identify Management->Personal). And I can browse the alfresco ECM site to choose the folder (Destination) that will contain the uploaded content when working on publish to alfresco task. So, I think all the pre-requisite configuration is true.
Anyone can help me why the process stopped at this step and the content is not added to ECM site? Is it related to the edition, because I'm using the community edition?