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Query regarding statuses [Process,Task,Custom]

Question asked by sonalik on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2017 by jearles

Hi Team,


I have few queries regarding process statues, task statues, custom statues...

I have listed down the requirement,

1. fetch all processes as well as tasks whose status="In Progress"

2. Ability to add custom statuses. For example status workflow for a process can be e.g.Started->InProgress->Send to Customer->Send to Manager->Sent for Approval 1->Sent for Approval 2->Completed->Closed.


After going through the tables (25 tables which are created as part of activiti) i was not able to find out any status related column neither for process nor for task. Does this mean there is not direct status related data stored in tables? And we have to play with the start/end times to actually decide whether the process/task got started/completed. Also need to additionally maintain some variables at process level and task level in order to track the status. Please confirm our understanding and also suggest in case of any better approach?


Looking forward for your support. Thanks in advance.