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Alfresco for Data Collection and Reporting?

Question asked by ronald54 on Apr 14, 2017

I have a request for some functionality, I would like to implement inside of alpfresco share:



There should be a button or menue, leading to a form, where the user can scan a single document (proof of payment), and enter some data into it (amount paid, purpose, date of expense, etc.) - scandate will be set automaticly.


Another user should be able to have a look onto these records, select them on purpose, date range or whatever, and run a report on all records not marked refunded and final set the refunded marker.


Further ist should be possible to run a report with other kriteria.

All reports should allow to sum up value fields, and group and order by other value fields.

Ist this possible with alfresco?

Which approach would you take?

Which addins, modules etc. would you use?


After I am new to alfresco, I'd appreciate some hints.