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Public APIs using RAML and Alfresco

Question asked by marco.altieri on Apr 16, 2017

We are thinking to use RAML to define our APIs that will expose the most important functionality of our product.

The APIs to implement will be used to create, search and manipulate complex "objects" that are modelled as folders and contents in Alfresco ECM.

I know that Alfresco Process Services is using RAML and I am wondering if someone can give me some advises on the best use of RAML with Alfresco.

There are some important decisions to be taken and probably someone that has already used it can suggest a good solution.

First of all, I am wondering if it makes sense to try to start from RAML and use it for mocking the server side of the API. It seems ideal but it could be difficult if I have to implement by myself the code generator for the Alfresco webscript framework.

The other solution is to use RAML only for the documentation and the generation of the client side code. I have many years of experience with Alfresco and this seems, of course, the easiest path: just implement some webscripts and document them. Is it the best solution ?

If I decide to mock the server side code with RAML, am I right thinking that "RAML for JAX-RS" is a good framework?