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Alfresco cookie Alfresco-CSRF Token

Question asked by cco on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by mehe

Hi all,

I am using JMeter (v2.9) to test performance of application based on Alfresco(v5.0.3).

I can not get cookie Alfresco-CSRF Token.


By viewing request in Firefox tools, Alfresco-CSRF Token is given in the Response Header in the request GET /share/page following the request POST /share/page/login.

We have in order :

1. request GET /share/page that sets cookies JSESSIONID; ROUTEECMID; ROUTESHAREID; ROUTESOLRID; CONTLB901

2. request POST /share/page/login that sets JSESSIONID; _alfTest; alfLogin; alfUsername3

3. request GET /share/page that uses in its header cookies : JSESSIONID; _alfTest; alfLogin; alfUsername3; ROUTEECMID; ROUTESHAREID; ROUTESOLRID; CONTLB901. And in its response header, there sould be possible to get Alfresco-CSRF Token.

But, despite sending all needed cookies in the request GET /share/page , there is no cookie Alfresco-CSRF received in the Response Header.


Thanks for your advices